October Blog


1. My Javascript has been a 6 on a scale of 1 to ten. My problem is trying to figure out my errors when I have any. It really turns annoying that it takes awhile to search for the errors that I have in my programs.

2. Loops confuse me te most. I cannot figure out what the output of a whlie loop will be like compared to a for loop.

3. My ability to read and trace codes would be a 4 on a scale of one to ten. I am unable to tell what some outputs are. It is hard to tell what some things do when reading so much text. It has begun to improve within the past couple of weeks though.

4. Spirit week shouldn't happen since it is really pointless. I don't feel it does anything because people seem to always be in a riot when it happens.

5. The best part if spirit week is the dress up "theme" days. Opposite day is always the best seeing guys wear dresses and ladies wear hoodies and baggy pants. The worst part of the spirit week is the cutting of classes. The spirit rally actually had a fight at the end of the whole event. It is a good thing I didn't go.

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